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 Company Strategy

In 2007, HEAG successfully got listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange(SSE), which opens the door of capital operation.

In the future development, HEAG will fully speed up the pace of capital operation, improve the S&T content of products, lose no time in developing high-tech products, use the social capatial to promote the rapid development of wind power industry and others, further develop the megawatt-class wind turbine generation systems with owns independent intellectual property rights, and research into other new energy field such as light energy and solar energy.

HEAG will further develop Distribution Automation System with own independent intellectual property rights and high-tech products such as ZF & -252 model EHV 252kV Self-interrupter SF6 GIS(Gas Insulated Switchgear), so as to enhance market competitiveness, improve product quality and core competitiveness.

Relying on capital operation and technology power, HEAG will build a new energy production base until the year 2010, which is mainly for wind turbine production and also for light energy & solar energy development, and will be one of biggest New Energy R&D Centers in China.

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