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        The business unit of HEAG for WTGS, Huayi Wind Energy Co., Ltd.(hereinafter refered to ¡°HeWind¡±) devotes itself to the development and application of renewable sources, constantly improves the independent innovation ability, independently developed 780kW wind turbines, introduced the technology of wind turbines from Aerodyn(German) and has jointly developed 1.5MW wind turbines. Furthermore, HeWind will research and develop 2.0MW, 3.0MW wind turbines, actively develop wind farms, and strive hard to become the leading enterprise in wind power industry.

Development History of HeWind Co.

1. From March 2002 to May 2005
In March 2002, Huayi Wind Energy Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter refered to ¡°HeWind¡±) was founded with total investment of RMB10,800,000.00 by HEAG Group. After the founding, HeWind hired a number of domestic famous experts and scholars in wind power industry as the consultants. Furthermore, the company was always actively seeking technology cooperation with foreign wind power enterprises, ever contacted with Fuhrlander(German) and Suzlon(India), and got deep understanding of their development history, business model and operational status. All these laid a good foundation for HeWind¡¯s second phase of development.
At this stage, HeWind firstly brought forward operational strategy of "Exchange Nature Resources for Market Share", established operation policy of ¡°Develop Wind Farm as Breakthrough¡±.
2. From June 2005 to January 2007
After the first phase of seeking & research, the company realized the urgence of producing substantive products. After consultations, HeWind and Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co. reached the cooperation intention, and jointly funded Zhejiang Huayi Goldwind Wind Power Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter refered to ¡°Huayi Goldwind¡±). After the founding, Huayi Goldwind produced 60 sets of 600kW wind turbines and 69 sets of 750kW wind turbines.
According to the development trend of domestic wind power market, HeWind aimed at the megawatt-class wind turbines. In November 2006, the company selected Aerodyn(German) as the join design unit of 1.5MW wind turbine after many selections, to jointly develop 1.5MW double-feeder wind turbines that apply to the domestic wind environment.
3. From February 2007 to July 2008
After the early phases of exploration and accumulation, HeWind accessed the development period. In May 2007, HeWind launched the R&D project of 780kW wind turbines, and the prototype was successfully produced in July of the same year. In September 2007, 3 sets of 780kW wind turbines exported to Chile and HeWind became the first chinese enterprise exporting complete set of wind turbine.
4. July 31, 2008
In July 31, 2008, HeWind¡¯s first batch of 1.5MW wind turbines with owns independent intellectual property rights will be put into production, which means that HeWind formally ranks in the domestic enterprises producing the megawatt-class wind turbines.

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