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FDZ11-12 Outdoor HV Sectionalizer
FDZ11-12 Outdoor HV Sectionalizer
FDZ11-12 Outdoor HV Sectionalizer
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 Product Information
FDZ11-12 outdoor HV AC vacuum sectionalizer is used voltage 12kV, three-phase AC 50HZ circuit. It consist of two part, ZW20A-12 circuit breaker and FD30 section controller. It conform to the standards of GB7569 HV AC auto-sectionalizer.
 Product Features
  1、Storage,making and breaking by motor. It can operating by handle.
  2、Breaking short-circuit current 25KA can up to 30 times.
  3、Mini motor spring mechanism(about 30W).
  4、Installation method:adopt two type installation method.
  5、Sealing performance: adopt sealing technical.
  6、Incoming & Outgoing method:adopt silicon bushing to make enough insulate distance.
  7、Safe operating: there is an equipment to protect explode.
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