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DDSY39(LCD) Single-phase Prepayment Static Energy Meter
DDSY39(LCD) Single-phase Prepayment Static Energy Meter
DDSY39(LCD) Single-phase Prepayment Static Energy Meter
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 Product Information
DDSY39(LCD) adpots LSI & SMT industry element and long-duration element of international band.it meets the requirement of IEC62055-21-2005&GB/T18460:Electricity metering,prepayment systems and GB/T17215-2002:Class 1 and class 2 static communication active meter.This product has functions of prepayement,load threshold control.They have the characterisitics of small size,long-life high accuracy,good stability,low power consumption etc.
 Product Features
  Accuracy class:class1.0
  Conformed standards:IEC62053&IEC62055;GB/T17215-2002;GB/T18460.3-2001
  Normal working voltage:0.9~1.1 reference voltage
  Limit working voltage:0.8~1.15 reference voltage
  Insulation voltage:°›2000VAC
  Power consumption:°‹2W and 10VA
  Power consumption of voltage line:°‹1.5W(8VA)
  Power consumption of current line:°‹3VA
  Start-up:Under the condition of reference voltage,reference frequency and power factor is 1,when load current is 0.4%Ib(class 1),0.5%(class 2),energy meter start up and accumulate count
  Shunt running:When add 115% reference voltage to voltage circuit,no current on current circuit,energy indicator light does not shine,energy pulse output
  Normal working temperature:-25°ś~+50°ś
  Limit working temperature:-30°ś~+70°ś
  Stockpile and transportation temperature:-45°ś~+70°ś
  Relative humidity:annual average°‹80%
  Rated frequency(Hz):50/60
  Nominal current(A):1.5(6),2.5(10),5(20),10(40),15(60),20(80),30(100)
  Meter constant(imp/kwh):As nameplate
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