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KYH1-40.5 Model Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear
KYH1-40.5 Model Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear
KYH1-40.5 Model Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear
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 Product Information
1.1 The enclosure is completely formed by Al-Zn coated steel plate after multiple bending processed by CNC machine, then is asse mbled with the bolts, which has strong mechanical strength and effectively ensure the neatness and good appearance. The door is painted by the plastic powder and has strong anti-impact and corrosion proof ability. The protection grade of enclosure is IP4X. 1.2 The main circuit breaker is VHY1-40.5 model Solid-sealed Vacuum Circuit Breaker, which is independently designed and developed by HEAG group. It has the unique advantages of long life, high reliability, less maintenance and small volume, furthermore, it has perfect and reliable anti-misoperation function. Of course, the switchgear can be equipped with other similar circuit breakers. 1.3 The circuit breaker handcart is centred structure, which inherits the advantage of KYN28 model switchgear. This structure avoids the adverse effects for the installation foundation against the movable/fixed contacts, and is convenient for maintenance and overhaul.
 Product Features
  Rated voltage(40.5kV)
  1 min P.F. withstand voltage(Interphase, phase to ground95; between gaps 118kV)
  Lightning impulse withstand voltage(Interphase, phase toground 185; between gaps215kV)
  Rated frequency50 (or 60)Hz
  Rated current(630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500A)
  Rated short-time withstand current(4s)(25, 31.5 kA)
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