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GWHY1-27.5 Outdoor Disconnect Switch
GWHY1-27.5 Outdoor Disconnect Switch
GWHY1-27.5 Outdoor Disconnect Switch
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 Product Information
GWHY1-27.5 outdoor disconnect switch is used to close and open 27.5kV;50/60Hz line system under with voltage and no load condition it accords with standards of IEC62271-103: High voltage switches. 1. Altitude: 1000m; 2. Ambient temperature: +50 ~-30; 3. Wind speed: 35m/s; 4. Earthquake intensity: 8 degree; 5. Air pollution: IV; 6. Ice thickness: 10mm; 7. Applicable occasions of normal type switch should free from chemistry aggradation, dust and other volatile & caustic thing.
 Product Features
  Rated voltage(27.5kV)
  Rated Current(630,1250,1600A)
  Rated short-time withstand current(20,31.5kA)
  Rated peak withstand current(50,80kA)
  1min P.F withstand voltage (dry)(To earth:95 across open contacts:115kV)
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