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KGN8-12 Fixed Metal-clad Switchgear
KGN8-12 Fixed Metal-clad Switchgear
KGN8-12 Fixed Metal-clad Switchgear
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 Product Information
KGN8-12 fixed metal-clad switchgear applies to below 12kV, 3 phase AC 50/60Hz power system. It can be widely used for electric force, metallurgy, petrifaction and urban construction. Ambient condition Model 1. Ambient temperature: -15 ~40 ; daily average: 35 ; 2. Altitude: 1000m 3. Relative humidity:daliy average: 95%,monthly average: 90% 4. Applicable occasions should be free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibration.
 Product Features
  Rated voltage(12kV)
  P.F. withstand voltage (Phase to phase, phase to earth)(42kV)
  P.F. withstand voltage (Across open contacts)(49kV)
  Lightning impulse withstand voltage(Phase to phase, phase to earth)(75kV)
  Lightning impulse withstand voltage(Across open contacts)(85kV)
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