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XGN2-12(G) Fixed Type Metal-clad Switchgear
XGN2-12(G) Fixed Type Metal-clad Switchgear
XGN2-12(G) Fixed Type Metal-clad Switchgear
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 Product Information
XGN2-12 High voltage AC switchgear fixed type metal-enclosed switchgear applied to the 3.6kV~12kV three phase AC 50/60Hz system to receive and distribution power energy, and suitable for continually operation and rebuilding the switchgear which install oil switch. The busbar is single busbar system and double busbar subsection system. XGN2-12(G) is suitable for high altitude area which is developed on base of general switch. The switchgear conforms to GB3906 " 3~35kV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear " and IEC62271-200 standard, and with function of five protections locking. The main switch of panel is ZN28A-12 series vacuum circuit breaker, equip with CD10 series and CD17 electromagnetism, CT8, CT17/CT19 series spring operating mechanism.
 Product Features
  Rated voltage(12kV)
  Rated frequency(50Hz)
  Rated current(1000,1250,2000,2500,3150A)
  Rated short circuit breaking current(20,31.5,40kA)
  Rated short circuit making peak current(50,80,100kA)
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