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XGN(W)74-12 HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit
XGN(W)74-12 HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit
XGN(W)74-12 HV Switchgear Metal-clad AC Ring Main Unit
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 Product Information
XGN(W)74-12 Series metal enclosed comapct switchgear unit module. Each unit has its independent function. It can be extendible to each side, and supplied in different configurations suitable for actually requirement. XGN(W)74-12 Series metal enclosed compact switchgear is completely SF6 system with a stainless steel tank containing Main Switch(LBS or VCB), Earthing Switch, Fu se insulation and busbar. A sealed steel tank with constant atmospheric conditions ensures a high level of reliability as well as personnel safety and a virtually maintenance-free system. XGN(W)74-12 Series metal enclosed compact switchgear, Main Switch is SF6 Load Break Switch(VCB). The switchgear have different merits due to its clear configurations, flexibility, safety interlock, extendible. The switchgear suitable for rated frequency 50/60Hz, rated voltage 12kV distribution network. It is designed for use in the following applications: compact secondary substations, small industries, wind power plants, hotel, shopping centers, office buildings, business centers, lighting mining applications, airport, hospitals, tunnels and underground railway etc. IEC62271-201 & IEC62271-304.
 Product Features
  Rated voltage(12kV)
  Rated frequency(50Hz)
  Rated current(LBS/ Combination Apparatus)(630/100A)
  1min P.F withstand voltage(Phase to phase, Phase to earth)(42kV)
  1min P.F withstand voltage(Disconnect gap)(49kV)
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