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DDS3(LCD)Single-Phase Static Energy Meter
DDS3(LCD)Single-Phase Static Energy Meter
DDS3(LCD)Single-Phase Static Energy Meter
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 Product Information
DDS3(LCD) single-phase static energy meter adopts special large scale integrated circuit and SMT technology with LCD display. The data is able to be saved when the power is failure. It is one of the newe st-lastes t energy measuring products in the world. It meets all technical requirements of IEC62053: class 1 and class 2 static alternating active watt-hour meter.
 Product Features
  Accuracy class:class1.0, 2.0class
  Conformed standards:IEC62053&GB/T 17215-2002
  Nominal working humidity:-25íŠ~+45íŠ
  Limit working temperature:-40íŠ~70íŠ
  Relative humidity:annual averageí▄80%
  Voltage circuit power consumptioní▄1.0W(6VA)
  Currrent circuit power consumptioní▄1.0VA
  Rated frequency(Hz):50
  Rated current:1.5(6) 2.5(10) 5(20) 10(40) 15(60)
  Meter constant(imp/kwh):12800,6400,3200,1600
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