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DSS3/DTS3 Three-Phase Static Active Energy Meter
DSS3/DTS3 Three-Phase Static Active Energy Meter
DSS3/DTS3 Three-Phase Static Active Energy Meter
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 Product Information
DSS3/DTS3 three-phase static energy meter is based on special large scale integrated circuit and SMT technology; by adopting microelectronic and computer technology as core technology and depending on modern management. we developed this metering product with high dependability and precision. It's one of the newest energy metering products in the world. It meets all technical requirements of IEC 62053-21: class 1 and class 2 static alternating active watt-hour meter, it measures positive and negative active power energy with frequency of 50/60Hz in three-phase electricity network.
 Product Features
  Accuracy class:class1.0, 2.0class
  Normal working voltage:0.9~1.1 reference voltage
  Limit working voltage:0.8~1.15 reference voltage
  Isulation voltage endurance:”Ż2000VAC
  Power consumption:each phase voltage loop power consumption”Ü1.0W
  Start-up current:direct type is 4”ėreference current,current transformer type-in is 2%reference current
  Shunt running:voltage line adding 115%Un,current loop current is 0,energy meter no measurement
  Normal working temperature:-30”ę~+55”ę
  Limit working temperature::-40”ę~+70”ę
  Relative humidity:annual average£¼80%
  Conformed standards:IEC62053;GB/T 17215-2002
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