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DSSF3/DTSF3 Three-phase Multi-rate Static Energy Meter
DSSF3/DTSF3 Three-phase Multi-rate Static Energy Meter
DSSF3/DTSF3 Three-phase Multi-rate Static Energy Meter
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 Product Information
DSSF3/DTSF3 three-phase multi-rate energy meter applies to measure 3-phase active energy corresponding to diffe rent tariffs . It realizes data exchange via RS485 netw ork or by HHU, and the data transmission protocol conforms to IEC1107. This meter can measure in different time section, set the daily automatic data revert, program and write the data for the mobile and PC, LCD display. The meter has the characteristics of high accuracy, good stability, wide-load, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, etc.
 Product Features
  Accuracy class:class1.0
  Normal working voltage:0.9Un~1.1Un
  Limit working voltage:0.7Un~1.15Un
  Power consumption of voltage circuit:power consumption of each phase in voltage circuit°‹2.0W and 5VA
  Power consumption of current circuit:°‹1VA
  Shunt running:voltage line adding 115%Un,when the circuit current is 0,the output impulse is less than 1
  Normal working voltage:-25°ś~+55°ś
  Limit working temperature::-30°ś~+70°ś
  Stockpile and transportation temperature:-35°ś~+70°ś
  Relative humidity:annual average£ľ80%
  Clock accuracy:°‹0.5Id(23°ś)
  Batteries capacity:°›1200mAh
  After power cut data save time:°›10years
  Tariff number:4,section number:10,measurement range:0~999999.99kWh
  Communication baud rate:RS485 1200bps~9600bps
  Conformed standards:IEC62053;GB/T17215-2002;DL/T614-1997
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