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DTS(X)3/DSS(X)3 Three-phase Static Active/Reactive Energy Meter
DTS(X)3/DSS(X)3 Three-phase Static Active/Reactive Energy Meter
DTS(X)3/DSS(X)3 Three-phase Static Active/Reactive Energy Meter
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 Product Information
DTS(X)3 is designed adapting to international national electricity network upgrading and national state. The product is of high dependability and high precision. It adapts the large-scale integrate d circuit and SMT technology. The inner key elements are famous trademarks with long life; it improves the reliability and life of the product. It can measure the three-phase active/rea ctive ele ctrical energy; especially the combined meter can substitute two normal three-phase meters. The product can expand RS485 communications and infrared communication, long-distance reading and it helps the automation management. It uses LCD mode to display the data of active electric energy, reactive quantity of electricity, voltage, current power factor and so on.
 Product Features
  Reference voltage(V):DTS(X)3©x3°Ń220(240)/380(415);3°Ń57.5(63.5)/110©y DSS(X)3(3°Ń100/110;3°Ń380/400)
  Rated frequency(Hz):50/60
  Nominal current(A):1.5(6),2.5(10),5(20),10(40),15(60),20(80),30(100)
  Meter constant(imp/kwh):As nameplate
  Accuracy class:active1.0,reactive2.0
  Normal working voltage:0.9~1.1 reference voltage
  Limit working voltage:0.75~1.15 reference voltage
  Voltage line power consumption:each phase voltage circuit power consumption°‹2.0W and 5VA
  Power consumption of current line:°‹1VA
  Start-up current:active 0.002ln(1.0),reactive°‹0.003ln(2.0)
  Shunt running:when add 115% reference voltage circuit,no current no current circuit,energy indicator light does not shine,no energy pulse output
  Normal working temperature:-25°ś~+50°ś
  Limit working temperature:-30°ś~+70°ś
  Stockpile and transportation temperature:-40°ś~+80°ś
  Relative humidity:annual average£ľ80%
  Communication interface:RS485,infrared interface
  Communication baud rate:RS485 interface:1200~9600bps;infrared interface:1200bps
  Communication protocol:IEC1107&DL/T645-1997multifunction energy meter communication protocol
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