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FKGA4C2-HY21Load Management Control Terminal
FKGA4C2-HY21Load Management Control Terminal
FKGA4C2-HY21Load Management Control Terminal
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 Product Information
FKGA4C2-HY21 load control terminal based on industry-leading 32-bit AMR platform t o support three lines and up to 48M primary frequency, high capable, use car-on-chip, very strong anti-interference ability and stability, wide temperature working (-40 ~+70 ); chip is rich in resources; includes 64KSRAM and 256K high-speed FLASH.
 Product Features
  Accuracy class:Active 1.0 Reactive 2.0
  Basic error of metering function rated:According to IEC62053&GB/T17215
  Reference frequency:50Hz5%
  Clock error:0.5s/d
  Average working time without fault:5104h
  Static power consumption:10VA
  Normal working voltage:3220(30%)
  Limit working voltage:420VA
  Rated current:5(10)A
  Impulse constant:3200imp/kwh 3200imp/kvar
  Ambient temperature:(-25~55)
  Limit temperature:(-40~70)
  Storage and temperature:(-40~70)
  Relative humidity:95%
  Safety performance:Power supply and ground insulation resistant10M
  P.F.withstand voltage:2KV/1min
  Standby battery life:300cycle
  Standby battery voltage:Working voltage4.8V
  Outline dimension(length*width*heigh):300MM*180MM*100MM
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