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FLRN-12D-125 Indoor Load Break Switch
FLRN-12D-125 Indoor Load Break Switch
FLRN-12D-125 Indoor Load Break Switch
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 Product Information
FLRN36 indoor AC high-voltage load break switch-fuse combination (combination in short)is a comprehensive and new combination apparatus produced on the bases of the mature experience in domestic and abroad. It is a complement apparatus of HXGN15-12 AC metal-enclosed ring main unit and it meet requirement of users in different power system. It has the advantages such as simple structure,easy maintenance,strong arc-extincti on capability, high gap insulating level and high reliability.It accords with IEC62271-105, GB16926& GB/T 11022 standards.
 Product Features
  Rated voltage(12kV)
  Rated current(630,1250A)
  Rated frequency(50/60Hz)
  Rated short-circuit making current(50kA)
  Rated short-time withstand current(20kA)
  Rated peak withstand current(50kV)
  Rated short-circuit duration(4s)
  Rated active load breaking current(630A)
  Rated closed-loop breaking current(630A)
  Rated cable charging current(10A)
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