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FN5-12R(L) Indoor Load Break Switch
FN5-12R(L) Indoor Load Break Switch
FN5-12R(L) Indoor Load Break Switch
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 Product Information
FN5-12R(L) Model indoor AC HV load break switch-fuse combination apparatus is developed and designed based on international technology and national power supply requirement,it passes all type tests and trial-operation inspections. The apparatus conforms to IEC62271-105: AC load break switch and fuse combination apparatus. (1990 edition) and GB3804: 3-63kV AC HV load break switch. Compare to international product, it keeps up with technical level with small volume and light weight. It is applicable in ring main unit and prefabricated substations as well as 12kV line and power distribution system.The product realizes three working positions: power making, power breaking and earth. It applies to power system of rated voltage 6~12kV, 50/60Hz breaking load current, overload current and short-circuit current.
 Product Features
  Rated voltage(12kV)
  Rated frequency(50/60HZ)
  Rated current(400,630A)
  Rated closed loop breaking current(400,630A)
  Rated active load break current(400,630A)
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