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GN24-12D Indoor Disconnect switch
GN24-12D Indoor Disconnect switch
GN24-12D Indoor Disconnect switch
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 Product Information
GN24-12(D) disconnect switch is an indoor electric apparatus of rated voltage 12kV, three-phase AC 50/60Hz which is used to make, break and transfer between lines under situations with voltage and no-load. The innovative structure which the disconnector is also fabricated with an earthing switch. The switch also can be mounted through the wall. It is made as per IEC62271-102.
 Product Features
  Ambient temp(-25°ś-40°ś)
  Earthquake intensity(°‹8 degree)
  Reasonable and scientific design, innovation structure.
  Contacting points distribute on two planes, small operation moment, strong pressure release capability, easy adjustment.
  Improved driving and conducting parts
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