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GN27-40.5 Indoor Disconnect switch
GN27-40.5 Indoor Disconnect switch
GN27-40.5 Indoor Disconnect switch
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 Product Information
GN27-40.5 disconnect switch is an indoor electric apparatus used in rated voltage 40.5kV, three-phase AC 50/60Hz system. It is made as per IEC62271-102.
 Product Features
  1.Rated voltage(40.5kV)
  2.Rated current(630,1250A)
  3.Rated short-time withstand current(20/4s,31.5/4s)
  4.Rated peak withstand current(50,80kA)
  5.Scientific design and innovativestructure.
  6.Multi contacts, rotary contacting, auto-cleaning caoacity and effective cooling.
  7.Contacting points distribute on teo planes,small operating moment and good pressure withstand capability, as well as easy of adjustment.
  8.Applicable when creepage distance, insulating capacity and withstand voltage are all on the highest level.
  9.Axletree is fabricated on the rotary axle so as to prolong lifetime of apparatus and to simplify operation.
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