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KYN96-12(AMS) Metal-clad Switchgear
KYN96-12(AMS) Metal-clad Switchgear
KYN96-12(AMS) Metal-clad Switchgear
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 Product Information
KYN96-12(AMS) model metal enclosed switchgear is developed by Xi'An HV Apparatus Research Institute. The complete type test have been approved at National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of HV Apparatus, and provide integrated control and protection measurement for electric power plant, motor, power transformer, capacitor and distribution circuit etc. The rated voltage is 12kV, rated current is 630~3150A. AMS is equipped with VHY1-12 or VS1-12 circuit breaker, AMS is a indoor equipment used in distribution station such as industrial enterprise, high building, airport, harbour, and bus station etc. It conforms to IEC62271-200 & GB3906 3~35kV AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear, DL/T404 The Order Technical Terms of Indoor AC HV Switchgear and VDE, IEC standards.
 Product Features
  Rated vo;tage(12KV)
  Rated frequency(50Hz)
  4S Thermal-stable current(20,255,31.5,40kV)
  Main circuit resistance(°‹140)
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