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VS1-12 Indoor HV VCB(Side Installation)
VS1-12 Indoor HV VCB(Side Installation)
VS1-12 Indoor HV VCB(Side Installation)
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 Product Information
VS1-12 indoor side-mounting AC and High-voltage VCB is a type of indoor switchgear applied to electric system of rated voltage 7.2~12kV, three-phase 50/60Hz to protect and control apparatus. It is especially appl icable in occasion with frequent operation; it can break short- circuit continuously. This HV VCB is of fixed mounting, mainly used in stationary switch cabi net. It can work separately or in ring network power supply, prefabricated substation as well as in non-standard power supply system.
 Product Features
  1.Altitude: 1000m;
  2. Ambient temperature: -25 ~+40 ;
  3. Relative humidity: daily average 95 , monthly average 90 ;
  4. Earthquake intensity: 8 degree;
  5. Applicable occasions should free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives
  6.Rated voltage(12kV)
  7.Rated short-time P.F. withstand voltage(1min.)(42kV)
  8.Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak)(75kV)
  9.Rated power frequency(50/60Hz)
  10.Rated current(630,1250A)
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