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LMZ(J)1/2-0.66 Current Transformer
LMZ(J)1/2-0.66 Current Transformer
LMZ(J)1/2-0.66 Current Transformer
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 Product Information
The current instrument transformers LMZ(J)1/2-0.66 are designed for electric power systems of 50/60Hz rated frequency and rated voltage 0.66kV. They are used for indoor mounting. The performances of the products meet standards IEC60044-1 and GB1208-2006. The products are used in metering electric energy, voltage controlling and relay protection applications.
 Product Features
  LMZ(J)1-0.66: Rated secondary current(5A)
  LMZ(J)1-0.66: Accuracy class(0.2s)
  LMZ(J)1-0.66: Rated output(5,15VA)
  LMZ(J)2-0.66: Rated secondary current(5A)
  LMZ(J)2-0.66: Accuracy class(0.5s)
  LMZ(J)2-0.66: Rated output(20,30VA)
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