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QJGR-¡õ/6(10) HV AC vacuum Soft Starters
QJGR-¡õ/6(10) HV AC vacuum Soft Starters
QJGR-¡õ/6(10) HV AC vacuum Soft Starters
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 Product Information
The QJGR-¡õ/6(10)Series Mining Flame-Proof and Intrinsic Safety HV AC vacuum Soft Starters apply to undergroud coal mines where contain explosive gas(methane)and coal dust.it isused to control the direct start and start and stop,soft start and stop of three-phase squirrelcage asynchron ous motor in local or remote distance,rated voltage 6KV/10KV,frequency50/60Hz.
 Product Features
  1.Rated voltage( KV):6/10
  2.Maximum working voltage( KV):7.2/12
  3.Rated current of starter( A):50A 100A 150A 200A 250A 400A
  4.Rated fequency( Hz):50
  5.Rated current of adopted contactor:400
  6.Rated breaking capacity £¨25time£©S:Maximum breaking capacity£º3200
  7.Rated closing current ( 100times) A:4000
  8.Rated short- time peak withstand current A/ time S:10000/ > 0. 3
  9.Rated short- time withstand current A/ time S:4000/ 2
  10.Limit breaking current ( 3time) A:4000
  11.Mechanical endurance ten thousand time:100
  12.Mechanical endurance for disconnecting bolt time:1000
  13.Op e r a t i n g v o l t a g e:DC110V
  14.M a i n l o o p r e s i s t a n c e:¡Ü40¦Ì¦¸
  15.Overload withstand current:6000A 1S
  16.Remote monitoring intrinsically safety loop parameters:Maximu open-circuit voltage£ºDC5.5V£¬Maximum short-circuit current£º15mA
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