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FLW34-12 / 24 /40.5 Outdoor AV High Voltage SF6 Load Break Switch
# GENERAL AND APPLICATION FLW34 series pole mounted load...
Technical Data:


    FLW34 series pole mounted load break switch is used for breaking and making rated current,  overload current of power distribution system of rated voltage 6kV to 40.5kV,and rated  frequency 50/60Hz. It could separate automatically sections of power distribution which faults  occur. The switch has manual, motor, remote operation modes. Electronic controller installed  inside stainless enclosure, so the switch can be used in variant climate conditions. Besides that,  the wire/wireless modem installed inside control box could achieve remote monitoring and  controlling. It’s easy and convenient for installing the switch on pole, and reduces relative  commissioning cost. Such type load break switch also can be combined with relay controller to  act as sectionalizer of power distribution system, coordinating with upstream load break switch  controller to isolating and detecting temporally or permanently faults on distribution, increase  the power supply efficiency in smart grid system.