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3.XMW Series Wind Turbine Generator Systems
3.XMW Wind Turbine Introduction
HW3/S3000(156) wind turbine:
This is an economical wind turbine which designed for cold climate and low wind speed areas. The transmission scheme is the three-point support structure with high speed ratio gearbox and a doubly fed asynchronous generator. This technical solution has been tested for a long time. This turbine has compact structure and good economy. And due to the large rotor diameter, This turbine is excellent for power generation. So it has excellent market competitiveness.
HW4/S3300 (156) Wind turbine:
The HW4/S3300(156) wind turbine was upgraded from HW3/S3000 (156) turbine. It increased the power capacity of the turbine based on the lower wind speed of the specific site. Except the generator, pitch system, Converter system, and cables, the other structures of the two turbines are the same. Considering its platform based design, it has high universality and high batch productivity.
HW4/S3400 (140) wind turbine:
This turbine is designed for area with medium to high wind speed, and jointly developed by Huayi and GH. The designed average annual wind speed is 7.5 m/s, and it can withstand 50 year extreme 3s gust wind speed of 52.5 m/s. Single blade lifting is allowed for this turbine, so in special cases, lifting costs and maintenance costs can be reduced. In addition, the transmission structure of this turbine adopts two spherical roller bearings, simple structure, and convenient installation and maintenance. The safety level of the turbine is IEC-3B.
HW4/S3400 (155) Wind turbine:
This turbine was upgraded from HW4/S3400 (140) turbine and is suitable for low wind speed wind farms. The designed average annual wind speed is 6.5m/s and it can withstand 50 year extreme 3s gust wind speed of 45.5 m/s. The rotor diameter has been increased to 155m, therefore it has better power generation performance compared to the HW4/S3400 (140) turbine.

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