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5.0MW & 6.25MW Series Wind Turbine Generator Systems
5.0MW/191 & 6.25MW/195 Wind Turbine Introduction
HW5/S5000(191) wind turbine:
This turbine is newly developed and economical, which designed for low wind speed areas. The rated power of the turbine is 5MW, and the rotor diameter is 191m. This turbine still adopts the classic design of single main bearing, a high gear ratio gearbox, and a four pole doubly fed asynchronous generator. It with compact structure and good economy. This turbine adopts advanced intelligent control, which has advantages such as high reliability, high power generation, and low operating costs. It adopts a laser radar feed forward control strategy and independent pitch control technology, so that effectively reducing extreme load and fatigue load, it achieving lightweight design, and ensuring the safety of the operation.
HW7/S6250(195) wind turbine:
HW7/S6250(195) wind turbine is the latest product developed by our company, it is designed for low wind speed areas. The rotor diameter of the turbine is 195 m. We still use doubly fed asynchronous generators with mature technical solutions, simple and compact, and good economy. The components of the turbine are made of domestic components as much as possible. All of the components be adopted are mature, and can be produced domestically. And the yaw gearbox and yaw brake of the turbine are the same as the 4.5MW & 5MW. This turbine adopts advanced dual PI intelligent control technology, which can maximize the absorption of wind energy and increase the power generation. At the same time, advanced intelligent control technologies such as LiDAR feed forward control, independent pitch control, and soft cut-out are also adopted to effectively reduce wind turbine load, extend the service life of the unit, and carry out lightweight design.

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