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  • 01.Power Transmission and Distribution
  • 02.Wind Power Plant
  • 03.Environmental Protection
  • Investment and Financing & Credit Insurance
    Adopt overseas investment and financing facilities such as overseas direct investment, the seller's credit, the buyer's credit loan, etc.  Coordinate and assist the owner's to get the credit insurance guarantee and other relating approval procedures in China mainland, reasonably layout and support the Owner from every national electric power transmission and distribution operators to solve the project financing problems at the earlier stage.
    System Planning & Pre-project Consultation.
    Provide the system planning services including the feasibility study report, bidding documents and other pre-project consultations, promote the Owner from every national power transmission and distribution grid operators gradually achieve power system planning, promote the implementation of each specific project, assist the industrial users to carry out the interconnection protocol and input & output scheme of the system.
    EPC Turnkey Project
    According to the Owner’s specific demand on each national power transmission and distribution system, provide a whole set of perfect solution of EPC Turnkey Project, including Engineering, Procurement and Construction ,as well as other related projcet work contents, such as installment, commission, technical support and training support. After the project warranty period, continually provide franchise operating supports and prompt response technical problems from project working site.
    Supervision & Consult of EPC Turnkey Project
    According to the Owner’s specific needs of every national power transmission and distribution system, provide professional supervision & consultation of EPC Turnkey Project at working site.
    Quality management system of product's whole life cycle
    Adopt quality management system of product’s whole life cycle, strengthen quality management activities of the design optimization, production, inspection, sales during the process. In addition, enhance the institutionalization, standardization and routinization during the contract implementation process, explore opportunities of improvement continuously, improve the reliability on performance, escort the stability of power grid.